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Make a Reservation

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Escape to Sand Key

Searching for that unforgettable Clearwater Beach Resort getaway? The one that will make you wish you never had to leave? You just found it — the Sheraton Sand Key! Picture this: Just outside your balcony, the morning sunlight sparkles on the waters of the warm Gulf of Mexico. You wake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. A gentle knock on your door — your sumptuous breakfast in bed has arrived. As you lay snug in your covers, maybe you’ll read the newspaper. Or maybe not!

Now the hard decisions begin: Will your day be spent beach-combing? Golfing? Shopping? Lazing with a cocktail by the pool? Whatever you choose, it will add to your perfect day! And when evening rolls around, you decide it’s time for a treat — an exclusive, fine-dining experience by our own Chef John. As the sunset paints the sky with colorful memories of the day gone by, you’ll know in your heart each moment was time well spent.

What Our Guests are Saying:

  • Perfect experience
    I loved everything in this hotel- location, staff, amenities. Great! They have a nice pool and a hot tub outside. The hotel is on the beach line ( 2-3 mins walking). We very much enjoyed the executive lounge upstairs with a great view to the ocean. Beds are super comfortable too. I would recommend and definitely go back to stay there again!
    - Resort Guest, 2015
  • Fantastic
    I stayed here for my sister in laws wedding, and wow this is an amazing hotel and a fantastic location, especially to see to see the sunset everyday. I fully recommend this place. There is a great cafe down the road that serves great breakfast.
    - Resort Guest, 2015
  • Excellent Hotel & Beach Location
    We have been here several times in January for a business conference. The location, staff service as well as proximity to many area attractions is superb. The food at the restaurants is quite good, and there are other options in Clearwater or within a few miles if you desire variety. There is shuttle service from TPA available, however we chose a car as there were many inexpensive options available for weekend rates.
    - Resort Guest, 2015
  • Great Hotel, Great location!
    My family and I went here for a long weekend getaway. The hotel has a very friendly atmosphere and the staff is really great. The restaurant was nice for a Continental Breakfast Buffet and the pool bar made fantastic drinks. We had the pleasure of an egret join us at the pool one of the days we were there. Overall, I think it is a great couple or family destination...

    - Resort Guest, 2015
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