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Escape to Sand Key

Searching for that unforgettable Clearwater Beach Resort getaway? The one that will make you wish you never had to leave? You just found it — the Sheraton Sand Key! Picture this: Just outside your balcony, the morning sunlight sparkles on the waters of the warm Gulf of Mexico. You wake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. A gentle knock on your door — your sumptuous breakfast in bed has arrived. As you lay snug in your covers, maybe you’ll read the newspaper. Or maybe not!

Now the hard decisions begin: Will your day be spent beach-combing? Golfing? Shopping? Lazing with a cocktail by the pool? Whatever you choose, it will add to your perfect day! And when evening rolls around, you decide it’s time for a treat — an exclusive, fine-dining experience by our own Chef John. As the sunset paints the sky with colorful memories of the day gone by, you’ll know in your heart each moment was time well spent.

What Our Guests are Saying:

  • Relaxing Family Resort
    Our flight was delayed 9 hours so we got the hotel very late at night. The staff was amazing and helpful to make sure we were happy. We needed a crib for our infant, and they were right there bringing it up to our room as we checked in. The pool was great, and they had a lot of beachside activities for families and a playground. The ocean front is great and fun for the kids to pick up shells. It is so relaxing here compared to the main part of Clearwater. The hotel is also close walking distance to a decent breakfast place and other shops/restaurants. Would come back!
    Resort Guest, 2017
  • Wonderful to Return
    We stayed at the Sand Key 3 years ago and decided to return again this year. I love that the resort has so much available right there on the property. This is a great place for families because there is so much to keep the kids busy (tennis, pool, beach, volleyball, playground, and more). The food is consistently good and the small supply/snack shop offers easy food to grab on your way out to the beach for the day.
    Resort Guest, 2017
  • Perfect Stay
    We stayed for one night before Thanksgiving and loved it. We received a water view room that was quite clean and neat. Ate lunch at the hotel restaurant and the food was quite good even though it was extremely busy. Walked out to a pristine beach for a refreshing dip in the ocean and then dipped in the warm pool. The grounds reminded us of a spa type atmosphere. Everyone we talked with was very nice and welcoming. Crisp sheets with a firm bed made it a wonderful sleep after a long day of travel. Would love to return for a longer stay in the Sand Key area in the future.
    Resort Guest, 2016
  • Excellent, excellent, excellent!
    I honestly cannot say enough good things about our stay here last month. We had planned to originally stay only for 2 nights, but loved it so much we ended up staying for 4 nights! The location is ideal, right on the beach. The pool area was very nice (and the pool was heated), the hot tub was also very good. The pool bar had drinks available and the hotel itself was nice and updated. However the staff really made the stay exceptional, they went above and beyond to accommodate us and really made us feel like valued guests.
    Resort Guest, 2016
  • Nice hotel in which to end tour
    Recently stayed at the Sheraton Sand Key for 3 nights at the end of a tour of Florida. Hotel has access straight onto the beach from the pool area, and what a beach it is, thoroughly enjoyed just walking along it and collecting sea shells which we brought home with us. Trolley also comes into the hotel grounds to pick up to go into Clearwater itself, we rode it into town but walked back across the bridge on our return. Also used the gym which has plenty of good quality equipment and is located on the top floor giving views over the water to one side Would really like to return to Sand Key at some future date and would be more than happy to stay at the Sheraton again.
    Resort Guest, 2017
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